Hot Sweater Alexander Wang 2012

That's an incredible Item of Alexander's Wang Pre-Fall 2012 Runway show. It is said that "Trompe l'oeil was Alexander Wang's big talking point for pre-fall."

I support that statement so just look at that hot sweater It looks just like art to me. 
It is transparent I would say and that's why is looks as there are two different colours. red and your skin...
It would fit perfect to a black or brown leather jacket and ancle boots! Perfect & sexy for fall :)
ps: The skirt is also amazing ;)

You can also take a look at some other items of his Pre-fall 2012 collection. They are very chic and elegant. I could imagine a celebrity wearing that hot red dress in the red carpet ;) 
There is a hide and seek of nudity because of the fact that Wang's collection is a mixture of transparency and fabrics. 

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